Acrobat Productivity Resources

A powerful new solution that rises to today’s complex document challenges.

  • Inefficiencies reduce productivity by over 20%
  • Challenges related to working with documents cost companies US$19,732 per information worker annually — with each worker wasting 13 hours per week on average.
  • Modest IT investments can result in significant gains
  • New solutions that make it easier for information workers to handle documents can help organizations redeploy resources to better meet business goals. For an organization with 1,000 people, addressing these time wasters is tantamount to hiring 213 new employees.

Adobe recently posted an IDC Interview and link to an IDC white paper on the challenges faced by today’s companies in their day to day business of information.

Areas of Opportunity for IT productivity improvements:

  1. Shared Review * Approval – Document based collaboration
    1. Creating and managing documents along with identifying the process for the document and information to better understand moving in and out of paper and the business process
    2. Collaborating with others on documents; which include review and approval processes along with managing forms and forms data.
    3. Mobile is key for information workers perform many of the same document oriented tasks and want the flexibility of using their mobile device to access, comment on and electronically sign to increase their productivity
  2. Key Areas of Focus to identify as a “Solutions” architecture for “services”
    1. Commenting and Annotation
    2. Document portability and fidelity
    3. E-forms
    4. Signatures and approvals
    5. Document security and governance
  3. IT’s role is shifting away from device management to the management of the information on the devices. Document security will become much more important.
  4. External collaboration, a need for easy collaboration & sharing of documents with people outside the organization
  5. Forms & Data with security and electronic signatures
    1. Automate data collection & consolidation
    2. E-signatures streamline the approval process
  6. Editing and integration with Microsoft Office
  7. For IT pros who need to watch the bottom line, Adobe Acrobat XI integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint. It enables the export of PDF files to fully editable PowerPoint as well as Word and Excel files. SharePoint-hosted files can also be used on Macs. Further, free Adobe tools can streamline deployment and aid configuration and installation, as well as provide enhanced support for Microsoft SCCM/SCUP (Systems Center Configuration Manager/System Center Updates Publisher) and Apple Remote Desktop.
  8. Business Process Automation: Tips & Tricks

Network PDF can identify and support Best Practices in how to apply workflow to the upstream process of “documents” with your team. This helps to organize the flow of information across an organization to deliver optimal results in communication and productivity with a specific focus on healthcare.

We are partnered with IDEAlliance, an industry standards organization, and developing further areas of “certification” and workflow to advance the opportunity. This can be achieved by adopting industry standards and a centralized supply chain for managing and distributing content. Our team has depth in the entire document and xml process to connect the metadata and strategic potential to support areas of growth in document communications.

NetworkPDF document productivity resources